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Let’s talk about IPhone!


Let’s talk about IPhone!

In Romania, there always has been a great market for expensive stuff including Apple’s IPhone.  It’s the perfect country to sell expensive shit because poor people think luxury is a must and that they grow in the community and in society if they own expensive stuff. It’s kind of fake wealth.


The notion of fake wealth has established in people’s mentality in the past 22 years, a wealth brought by bank loans paid with years of hard working shitty jobs. Everyone wants to look rich even they aren’t. People lose their identity trying to look like the ideal citizen, ideal provided by collective mentality unleashed after heavy decades of raw communism. People don’t know who they are and what is their goal. They don’t know how to guide themselves in a country ruled by the idea of happiness brought by wealth. They let themselves led by an idea /ideal imposed by someone else, not by themselves.

It’s just the same with IPhone 5. Who really needs a 1300$ phone? Well, nobody does, but the mentality pushes people to have it, to look good in front of friends and society. It’s all about mentality in a country where the medium wage is near 500$.


Apple means quality and IPhone as well. Romania is not a country where life has a high standard. Minimum pension is 100$ and every child gets an allowance of 10$ for being a student. Where is the quality of life in a country whose citizens cry so loudly for IPhone 5?

Also, Romania would be a better country if people would give some of their finances or help other people in needs instead of loaning money for selfish useless phones. Nobody give a shit about others.  Everybody cares about one thing and that’s their own pocket. (this is general stuff, there are also kind and helpful people within a range of 10 selfish man to 1 helpful and kind man)

I wanted to write about IPhone 5 because i have knowledge of people who are ready to go and get a 4 year loan from banks to get the new Apple piece of jewelry.

In my opinion Apple’s products are the best on the market by far and their price reflects the quality of the product. Also, everyone should buy a phone that can afford from one monthly wage after he takes care of bills, food and stuff. People shouldn’t try to buy things above their financial power (whatever is a phone, a car, a house or anything that has a price) because they become kind of slaves, workings for things not for goals, carrier, family or things that really matters in life.

I hope sometime near the future people will wake up form this coma inducted by stupidity and will try to rationalize, and to buy things framed on their financial power. I think when they will succeed in rationalizing they will use their money achieving important goals in life, not linking themselves to slavery to have useless things.

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