Reasons to Love?

Well, I have read recently an article about what love means, what  is love for, if it’s necessary and so long…  The article was written by Alina,specialist in psychology and you can read it right here

In my opinion love can mean different things, may be different ways of explaining purpose of life, of existence and can be associated with happiness .  First of all, I do not consider LOVE to be a purpose to live. There are so many sad people,  disoriented, people who have  had a bad romance, depressed,  emotionally destroyed and personally I do not understand why. LOVE is dispensable, is like a web page plugin. The web page can function without the plugin but is less beautiful or a bit complicate.  Sometimes LOVE simplifies life but if it fails  life get as complicate as can be.  It’s all about emotions and emotions are not things like a can of beer or like a chocolate. Emotion can’t be touched, can’t be seen. It is wrong  to consider LOVE ultimate happiness, considering love indispensable, considering love the only meaning of life… I think life is much more then LOVE and people should put finding their origins above love. If people would do that,  there would be no more suicide, no more sadness, no more depression after a failed relationship/marriage. Life goes on with or without LOVE. Love is just an option.  Who say he can’t live without love is so wrong but that’s why  people are different: Because no consciousness resemble other. Every human has his own consciousness and depending of level of understanding how consciousness works he/she can understand that LOVE is not purpose, is an option.

Usually, people who become depressed and commit suicide after a failed relationship are between religion and not believing in anything. You can’t lose hope and dreams if you believe in something. That something could be God or science. There is no middle or another thing to believe in. Being atheist doesn’t mean you don’t believe in something. Atheists believe in science and in another way of seeing life. Everyone consider happiness purpose of living. Some associate happiness with love, some can see above love and consider purpose of life just living it and finding your origins. Nothing lasts forever, not love nor life.

It is true that because of emotions people feel alone and sad but also loved and happy. Because of emotions you become social insecure, shy and sometimes rejected. It is true that love makes you feel happy, gives you energy, trust, makes you believe in yourself… It is like a dose of morphine which you hope will never end but nothing lasts forever… If the shit hits the fan be reasonable and admit that you felt good and that’s it. Not the end of the world. Nobody’s world should end because of love.

Those who associate  their purpose in life with love are usually very religious, with a strong faith in God Who provided the idea of LOVE, are people who get emotionally involved and stop rationalizing. I believe that 2 people will never be able to love each other equally. There will always be someone who will provide more love, more feelings, who will invest more in the relationship and that one will be the one who will get hurt the most if shit hits the fan. People see couples married for 40-50 years and take them as an example to follow when they will find their soulmate. Bullshit… how can a feeling last forever? Nothing lasts forever. LOVE is like fuel, it burns till there’s nothing left. Love means passion and feelings but who claims that the feeling is the same after 40-50 years is naive.

Maybe I’m too rational and and that’s why feelings are suppressed and I fail to see the importance of love. Maybe the purpose of life is love… The fact is that people are different. Different consciousness, different ways of seeing life and things, different levels of intellectual understanding of life/love/God/science. People can judge and can decide what to choose as a purpose in life. They are free to choose and if someone choose God or LOVE or science it doesn’t means he is wrong.

There is freedom of choice given by consciousness and that means there is no absolute truth in anything. No truth no right or wrong. What am I convinced to be right from other people’s point of you it might be wrong. If I do a good thing and I am absolutely sure that I make a good deed there might me someone who can see something bad in my action. People can make mistakes and that’s because people are different.

After all, making mistakes, failing in love, failing in life is what make us see what should be done in future. Failure is not an end, is a beginning of understanding life and with that being said, you’re a pro or a fail … you learn from living or end up dying before you have the chance to understand what happened with your life. Failing in love it’s not failure in life. Failing in love and not seeing the importance to rationalize what happened and what will happen means failing in life. You can’t live a life led by emotions  and you can’t let emotions take over your power to rationalize. Is love necessary? Perhaps yes but not a must. There will always be options to choose from and love is one of them. If you choose it and it ends you should be stronger and make an important step in raising the bar when it comes down to emotions. Life is to be led, you have to lead, is no purpose in being led by life.




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